Majeobaje Community Appeals to Governor Abiodun for Suspension of Demolitions and Regularization of Permits

The Majeobaje Community Development Association, located in Osholewa, Mowe, Obafemi Owode Local Government Area of Ogun State, has submitted a letter of appeal and application for the regularization of statutory permits for residential and commercial properties within the vicinity. The association, consisting of over 50 registered members, is urging the relevant authorities to suspend any pending demolitions and consider individual applications for necessary permits.

The community, represented by their legal counsel, highlighted their concerns in a letter addressed to the responsible agency. They emphasized that the majority of the properties in question are residential, and any demolitions would result in the immediate displacement of several families. Expressing their disagreement with the content of the contravention notices dated November 15, 2023, which were affixed to numerous properties in the community, the association argued that the properties identified are not situated within the Mowe Market as stated in the notice.
Despite sharing boundaries with the market, the affected properties face the expansion of the Mowe-Ofada road, which necessitated the placement of meters specifying the desired demolitions on the buildings. The property owners quickly conducted renovations in an attempt to prevent total collapse. While some owners converted their properties solely into residential buildings, others designated the front portion as lock-up shops while retaining the remaining sections as residential apartments.

It is crucial to note that a number of property owners within the Majeobaje community have ancestral graveyards in their compounds, protected by native laws and customs, attesting to their long possession of these properties. Additionally, some owners have participated in the Home Owner Charter program, initiated by the Ogun State Government, which allowed them to regularize their documents after completing construction. While some property owners have successfully acquired the Certificate of Occupancy, others are still in the process of perfecting their titles with the Bureau of Lands in Abeokuta, the state capital. Supporting documents, such as copies of assessments, payment receipts, and Certificates of Occupancy, were included in the community's appeal letter.
The executives of the Majeobaje Community Development Association have expressed their willingness to cooperate fully with the relevant agency to ensure compliance with state laws and regulations regarding building permits. They are eager to assist in any way possible to facilitate a swift resolution to the current situation.

The Majeobaje Community Development Association appeals to the responsible agency to suspend any demolitions within their community and assess each property owner's situation on an individual basis. They respectfully request the agency to grant the necessary permits when presented by any member of the association.

The community anticipates prompt action from the agency and expresses their gratitude in advance.

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