Baba Sopein: Gone 20 years ago yet not forgotten

Life and time of a great Prophet.
Baba Sopein as known and addressed all over the world was born in 1923 to an Anglican family in igbein Abeokuta.

He was a member of St John Anglican Church Igbein Abeokuta, he was a son of catachrist which made him to attend various schools before passing out of his standard six examination at st John school igbein Abeokuta.

He attended the Abeokuta Grammar school for his secondary education. 

He studied personal management in 1963 at the University college Ibadan.

He studied industrial relations and labour at the markere university of Uganda 1966.

He studied production technology and supervision at the Yaba college of technology in 1968.

Baba was a civil servant for some years.
He retired from government service in 1977 as Higher Technical officer. Thus the plate number of his car.

In 1944, he heard the voice of God. This consequently made him to be coming distance to the Anglican church doctrine, so much that he and others started gathering at the shed in the premises of St John's school for fellowship. 

This did not go well in the mind of the authority and so they were forced out of the area.

This action brought them to the present site of the USC Cathedral. 
His first Spiritual father was Rev Prophet Afolabi Adeniyi who introduced him to his Eminence Dr Abbiessalem Samuel Somoye. He received spiritual training for over 10 years.

Spiritual Callings
In 1947, he was ordained Prophet after his Spiritual baptism 

In 1952, He founded the first Spiritual Church of Christ, Oke Eri now the Cathedral of United Spiritual Church. 

In 1966, He became an Apostle. 
In 1967, He became Senoir Apostle. 
In 1977, He became Superintendent General.
In 1990, He became the Primate of the United Spiritual Church Nigeria. 
In 1990, He became a Doctorate holder.

In 1958, He established Kuto Mount
In 1980, He established Irenpa Mount
In 1986, He established Mount Apakila 

He was an astute Philosopher and one of his popular quote includes:

Don't think Evil
Don't plan Evil and
Don't do Evil.

He died on 29th May 2002.
Rest in Peace Papa.

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