Nigerian Woman Seeks Refuge in Europe After Facing Pressure to Marry and Undergo Circumcision

A Nigerian woman named Oluwasewere Adekoya has spoken out about the pressure she experienced from her community to marry. Adekoya comes from Ikorodu, a place with strong cultural traditions. According to these beliefs, once a woman is of marriageable age and has not been married, her community may take it upon themselves to marry her off without her say. 

Despite her reservations, Adekoya agreed to a marriage proposal from a religious believer who would take her on as his third wife. However, Adekoya has been involved with women for many years and does not experience sexual attraction to men. Even so, she agreed to the proposal because of the intense pressure from her community. 

Things became even more complicated when the man she was to marry demanded that she undergo circumcision. This was not something Adekoya agreed to, and she began looking for a way out. Last December, she fled to the UK seeking refuge. 

However, she now says that members of her community have found out that she is in London, and she fears for her safety. She is reaching out for help from anyone who can provide protection and allow her to freely express her beliefs and sexual preferences. Adekoya stresses that it is a taboo to speak about her true sexual identity in the area she is from. 

The situation has taken a toll on Adekoya’s mental health, and she is desperate for a way out. Additionally, she says that she cannot marry a man and live a life that goes against her own beliefs and desires. She wants to be with someone she loves and who loves her back.

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