Indian Con-man Poddar in Multi-million Dollars Fraud, Defrauds Nigerian, Staff And Others in India, US

A certain Indian based con-man, Tarun Poddar, who was alleged to have committed fraud against various individuals all over America to the tune of over $32 billion has done his stock in trade to a Nigerian politician and financial expert based in US, Dr. Dennis Aikoriogie.

According to report received by SunCity Africa, the fraudulent Tarun Poddar, the acclaimed owner of FoxHog Venture Corps, initially engaged the Nigerian for his financial services on July 31, 2023 for a part time remote job, but was never coming up with payment despite a well written employment letter signed by both parties, instead he was giving flimsy excuses that money has been sent and assuring the Nigerian of payment, but having seen his unseemly attitude, Dr. Aikoriogie an employee of New York State Government, decided to pull out of the job, sighting that he engaged in the job as part time since it is remote and needs to be done online.

But after discovering the huge crime going on in FoxHog Venture Corps, Dr. Dennis, who would not want his name to be dented, has worked in the US particularly with New York State Government close to a decade with clean records, decided to terminate the contract sighting the unpaid arrears and other criminal activities of Mr. Poddar as seen everywhere on the internet.

According to Dennis, "I worked remotely, have no access to his company data, money, whatsoever, I worked with him for just one month and he is alleging falsely because we asked for payment, Dennis said. 

Further more, he said, Poddar's behaviour have contravened the provisions of agreement signed by both parties “and we cannot find any reason to continue as many staff employed by Poddar are facing the same situation both in America and India.” 

Dr. Dennis gave his reason for leaving the job bordering on fraud, and other criminal activities and that by this press release, he disengages and exonerates himself of any relationship with the fraudulent Poddar and his company. 

Findings also showed that the bank Poddar claims he ran is false, and not evenregistered in the US, while the address on the companies website turned out to be fake, a clear confirmation of his dubious nature. 

According to other reports sighted by our correspondent, Mr. Poddar who had variously claimed to be a Board member at Sequoia Capital, was looking for people who could join him in his new “venture capital firm.” 

His profile showed association with Sequoia Capital and that he had graduated from Stanford University with a Master of Business Administration degree which all turned out to be false.

His work experiences showed executive positions at high-profile companies like Apple, Boeing, and Cognizant, but upon thorough investigation, Poddar is a criminal and have no connection with the above mentioned organizations.

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