COMTUA Leadership Dissociates Self From False Disolution Claim By Former Members

In recent developments, the Council of Maritime Transport Unions and Associations (COMTUA) has encountered a dispute with some of its founding unions. The Maritime Workers' Union of Nigeria (MWUN), Container Truck Owners Association of Nigeria (COTOAN), and the Nigerian Association of Road Transport Owners (NARTO) previously resigned from the collaboration, only to later claim that they have dissolved it. However, COMTUA declares their actions null and void.

COMTUA, established through the collective efforts of multiple unions, aimed to represent the interests of maritime transport owners and operators. The collaboration's success relied on the seamless cooperation and dedication of these founding unions. Unfortunately, ACATOA, COTOAN, NATO, and NWUN chose to withdraw from the collaboration at different times within the past three years.

Despite their initial resignation, these unions have recently made public statements asserting the dissolution of the collaboration. COMTUA wishes to clarify that such a claim carries no legal or ethical weight. The collaboration was established through a formal agreement requiring consensus and agreement from all participating unions for dissolution.

It is important to note that the dissolution claim made by this group of unions is not recognized or endorsed by the other unions or the governing body of COMTUA. The collaboration remains committed to upholding its core principles and objectives, continuing its work to achieve the shared mission despite this setback.

The public and all stakeholders are enjoined to disregard any statements or actions implying the cancellation or dissolution of the collaboration by the concerned group. The collaboration remains fully operational, determined to address the concerns of owners and operators in the maritime transport industry as planned.

The collaboration expresses gratitude for the ongoing support and trust from stakeholders. They assure the public that they are actively addressing the situation and taking appropriate legal measures to safeguard the integrity and stability of the collaboration.

For further inquiries or additional information, please contact COMTUA. They value the continued support and understanding during this challenging time.

Godwin Ikeji
BOT Secretary
Phone: 09036030099

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