Teacher Who Was Molested By Hoodlums Seeks Justice

This woman Mrs Oyadoke is a nursing mother and one of the three teachers molested by hoodlums who were invited to unleash terror and mayhem at Unity High School, Kajola Ibooro in Ado Odo Ota . Her ten months old baby was delivered through a ceserean operation was brought to the school on this ill-fated day.  

Narrating her ordeal, she said she was teaching in the class when she started hearing a woman arguing with her principal, disturbed that the noise was causing a distraction to the students in her class she came out from her class and furiously told the aunt of the students to reduce her noise as she was disturbing a class in session and that she should realise that she was shouting at the school principal who was simply telling the aunt that it was wrong for a child to leave the school premises without taking proper permission from the school authority. Not convinced the aunt of the students shouted on her calling her names which made her to tell the woman that  she is a woman and she should act reasonably. 

This infruirated the aunt and she angrily stormed out of the place, moved aside to call some boys who came to the school compound after few minutes pounced on innocent Mrs Oyadoke pulling her hair up and down while dragging her at the same time on the floor which led to the dislocation of her cervical spine ,the whole of her back is full of deep wounds and cuts sustained through the fingernails and beating with clubs in the hand of the wicked aunt, she also got wounded severely in her right lower harm before she was eventually rescued by the other two colleagues who also  received their own share of matchets and shovel . She was eventually rushed to the hospital by other teachers . 

Even today at Ado Odo, she was still in great pain while crying profusely and asking for justice through ASUSS her union from well meaning Nigerians as she was narrating her ordeal. To her and other teaches there are some powerful carbals in the community who are seriously running helter skelter to ensure that the case is swept under the carpet . At the magistrate court today in Ado Odo , the case was adjourned to the first day in November while the aunt to the students who have been detained since Friday has been given some conditions to be met before her bail application can be granted. 


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  1. This is serious. I can't believe we still people behaving so rude and uncultured in this dispensation.

  2. This is serious. I can't believe we still have people behaving so rude and uncultured in this dispensation.