Why I return to USC after six years of being churchless - Seun Odunlami

I left the United Spiritual Church in December 2014 due to reasons best known to God, myself and some people. (It was a period of storm).

When I was asked the reasons why I didn't show up in the Church, I told some people that I was on sabbatical leave.

During the six years, I didn't have a specific place of worship unless I was invited for a programme. The reason for not attending any other Church is not far fetched from the fact that my mind didn't go anywhere.

Reasons why I return -

Early December 2019, I started receiving revelations to return to my origin. I didn't yield to the revelations until I got a clearer call on Tuesday, January 7, 2020 to return to base. 

To God be the glory, I'm back home. My branch of worship is United Spiritual Church Oke Ẹri, Asero, Abeokuta.

My favourite quote is a popular quote from the Founder of the United Spiritual Church Worldwide, His Eminence  Dr. S.C Ola Sopein of blessed memory:

"Don't Think Evil. 
Don't Plan Evil. 
Don't Do Evil."



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