Abeokuta South Federal Constituency, I'm recommending Barrister Kehinde Adebayo Somoye - Seun Odunlami

Abeokuta South Federal Constituency, vote for Barrister Kehinde Adebayo Somoye.

I'm recommending him, because he:

 • Sponsored and supported projects in both Nigeria and USA. 

 • Initiated the passage of the dual citizenship law. Also initiated petition for the extension of the life of the Nigerian passport from 5 years to 10 years. 

 • Participated in and organized protest rallies against military dictatorships in Nigeria. 

 • Will advocate for: Good roads. Public transportation system, including for students. Modern and well equipped public educational system from primary school to university level. Modern hospitals and modern healthcare system. Stable power supply. Drinkable pipe borne water. Security and reliable emergency response system. Well structured, efficient and impartial judiciary. Law & order. 

 • Will hold regular town hall meetings, work with community groups & operate functional Constituency Office. 

 • Constituency money will be spent for  Constituency.

 • Will pursue legislation to address reckless driving and safety on our roads. 

 • Will establish Development and Recreational Centre or Centres in the Constituency to serve youths and adults.

 • Will seek to establish micro credit  and empowerment initiatives to spur business growth and economic development.

 • Will pursue enactment of Rules of Ethics for everyone involved in government.

 • Will push for reforms in the electoral system to give all equal chance to participate.

• Will award educational scholarships for post secondary education annually. 


• Will promote sporting activities and competition amongst schools.

Power must change hands. The recycling politicians have no ideological differences between them. They are just toying with us, jumping from one party to the other and from one political office to the other and collecting multiple pensions and public money while mostly doing nothing but roaming the political corridor without a purpose or interest of the people at heart. Do not be fooled by the notorious names that you have heard over the years but who have done nothing for you. VOTE SMART. 

Let’s begin this new journey together. The land is what we make it to be. Let’s make Nigeria like Europe and America. Europe and America did not achieve development based on lawlessness, chaos and cutting corners. Let’s emulate the strategy of China who moved from an agrarian society to world economic and technological powerhouse within 34 years. Let’s work together to build the Nigeria of our dreams. 

Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools. – Napoleon Bonaparte

For Reformation, Prosperity, Progress, Responsive and Responsible Leadership; for Accountability, Rule of Law and  Ethics in government, elect:

Barrister K. Adebayo Somoye (KAS) for Federal House of Representatives, Abeokuta South Federal Constituency.

VOTE SMART. Vote Out Corruption Vote Against Recycling Politicians 

Vote For Progress & Development 

Vote KAS/ACCORD to fight for you

Vote ACCORD, Number 1 on the ballot

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